Ant Farm

This is a body of work including a series of drawings, an interactive installation, and a video piece based on an ant farm. 

Ant Farm [2] - installation
In this installation, I projected a live video image of an ant farm containing active ants on one wall of a small room. The ant farm was visible through a peephole in an enclosed unit on the opposite wall. The installation also included a table holding a marker dispenser that kept twenty markers in a spectral sequence. On the wall above the dispenser, a log chart was posted. The chart directed the viewer to “Please record the time and date of your trace.” Viewers took a colored marker from one end of the dispenser, traced the projection on the wall, and recorded the time, date, and marker color on the chart. Viewers interpreted the direction to “trace” differently—some traced the tunnels the ants created, others documented the movements of the ants themselves. After four days, the projection was removed and the lights were turned on so viewers could examine the finished wall drawing.